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Professional Orientation and Training, Commissioning and Delivery of Sailing Catamarans Worldwide

Pricing Contingencies

On a coastal delivery, the crew is expected to be under way within 48 hours of joining the boat. Planning no stops, the hand-over will be made within 24 hours of docking at the destination.

On an offshore delivery, the captain and crew are expected to be under way within 72 hours of joining the boat and, not making any unscheduled stops, the hand-over will be made within 48 hours of docking.

The delivery may be delayed for mechanical, administrative, or weather-related reasons beyond the skipper's control. When transiting the Panama Canal there are often delays entering the Canal.

In the event of a delay, the owner/client will be charged $300.00 per delay day (every 24 hours)  for crew plus associated costs such as repair services, procurement of parts and equipment, telephone technical support calls, and related ground transportation.