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Deliveries are classified as either Coastal or Offshore.  Coastal deliveries are typically non-stop and less than 500 nautical miles and the float plan is no further than 50 nautical miles offshore.  On these deliveries there may be a crew of just two with a Captain and a 1st Mate.

Offshore deliveries are over distances greater than 500 nautical miles with the float plan taking the vessel more than 50 nautical miles offshore.  These deliveries are typically non-stop, except for deliveries over 1500 nautical miles when stops may be made to take on fuel, water and additional provisions.  These passages are conducted with a crew of 3 or more, with a Captain, 1st Mate and deckhand(s), depending upon the size of the vessel.

In either case our policies and procedures are the same before, during and after the passage.

Upon arrival to the boat the Captain performs a detailed inspection of the boat. A pre-departure checklist will be completed by the Captain prior to departure specifically noting any observed exceptions on board, such as: nicked, dinged, cracked, or damaged fiberglass; improperly maintained or damaged stainless steel; improperly functioning plumbing, electrical, or mechanical components; worn or damaged sails and/or rigging; the presence of proper safety equipment; and, the condition of the life raft and/or tender.

Safety of the vessel and crew is the prime directive for the Captain. Second to that is that the Captain and crew treat the vessel as if it were their own so that the vessel arrives in as good as - if not better - condition than when it left. The delivery crew monitors all systems while underway and maintains an Exception List of items requiring adjustment, attention, and/or repair/replacement.

A Delivery Report is submitted to the owner or the owner's agent at the conclusion of the delivery. During the delivery the Captain transmits the vessel’s position to the customer daily with a GPS position transmitter.

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