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Meridian Yacht Services wants you to understand everything that is entailed in a yacht delivery.

Select the Delivery Details, the Delivery Pricing, and the Delays pages from the drop down menu options under the Main Menu option, above, and you can read all about what we do for you during a delivery, how we structure our pricing, and what happens when there are delays due to severe weather, mechanical issues, administrative issues and transiting the Panama Canal.

Deliveries are divided in 2 different types:

Coastal (less than 500 nm or 3 days voyage and less than 20 nm offshore)
Offshore (greater than 500 nm distance and greater than 20 nm offshore, not including a transoceanic voyage)

On all deliveries there is a fixed number of items for which an estimate is given, they are:

• Captain/Mate/crew, based upon the distance of the delivery on the rhumb line;

• Air and ground transportation to and from the yacht for captain and crew (based on  the least          expensive current airfare/car rental);  

• Provisioning (includes cleaning and protective materials);