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Professional Orientation and Training, Commissioning and Delivery of Sailing Catamarans Worldwide

Delivery Pricing

Deliveries are divided in 2 different types:

Coastal (less than 500 nautical miles or 3 days voyage)
Offshore (greater than 500 nautical miles, not including a transoceanic voyage)

On all deliveries there is a fixed number of items for which an estimate is given. In addition to Crew Fees, published below, they are:

• Transportation to and from the yacht for captain and crew (based on the least            expensive current airfare/car rental) and includes taxis and other transportation        costs incurred while on service, such as Customs visits);

• Provisioning (includes food and beverages, cleaning and protective materials); and,
• Administrative fees

These estimated costs will be based on the boat's location, condition, destination and
any particulars of the schedule (i.e. uncommon urgency).

Variable costs, as follows, are billed to the customer at the conclusion of the delivery:

• Spares and mission critical yacht equipment (e.g. spare fuel and oil filters, impellers, fan belts, replacement      running rigging, liferaft rental);
• Fuel, motor and gear oil, power steering fluid, coolant;
• Customs/Immigration and Dockage fees;

Crew fees are as follows:
Captain------------------ $500 per day
First mate--------------- $400 per day

Deckhand---------------- $250 per day (when mandated by the insurance company)

Captain----------------------- $3.00 per mile on the rhumb line on customary routes.
First Mate-------------------- $3.00 per mile on the rhumb line on customary routes.

Dechkand--------------------  $1.50 per mile on the rhumb line on customary routes.


Fees are calculated individually for each transoceanic passage, depending upon origin, destination, total miles, number of stops required, possible crew changes, etc, and the delivery is quoted as a flat rate.

On all offshore deliveries, and at times when insurance requires a 3rd crew member.